Wilbur Smith - Eagle In the Sky

Wilbur Smith - Eagle In the Sky

Wilbur Smith - Eagle In the Sky


An action-packed story of love, duty and destiny, by global bestselling author, Wilbur Smith.

'A Master Storyteller' - Sunday Times

'Wilbur Smith is one of those benchmarks against whom others are compared' - The Times

'No one does adventure quite like Smith' - Daily Mirror

The higher you fly, the harder you fall . . .

From a young age it's clear that David Morgan is a 'bird', a natural pilot, most at home in the air. His family want him to take over the family business, but David is determined to follow his destiny, and joins the South African Air Force, where he is commended for his skills.

When he meets Debra, a beautiful young Israeli writer, David once again feels the pull of destiny. He joins the Israeli Defence Force and finds himself caught up in the country's struggles. But when the war separates him from Debra, David feels his two destinies pulling him apart. Can he become the man he always dreamed of being, without losing the woman he's fighting for?

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