Freda Lightfoot - For all our tomorrows

Freda Lightfoot - For all our tomorrows

Freda Lightfoot - For all our tomorrows


From Sunday Times bestselling author, Freda Lightfoot. 1943, when hundreds of US Marines arrive at a quiet Cornish town, two lives will never be the same again.

Trapped in a small town resistant to change, Bette can't resist handsome GI, Chad. But when reality draws in, Bette realises that their love was based on empty promises.

Meanwhile Bette's sister Sarah, is tormented by her possessive husband, but even his jealous attempts to keep her out of temptation can't prevent Sarah falling for officer Charlie.

Caught in the very worst of times with the turmoil and upheaval of war all around them, can these sisters find a brighter future for tomorrow?

A compelling family drama for fans for Maureen Lee and Katie Flynn.

Praise for Freda Lightfoot
'Freda's book was a joy to read for her characters were so believable and richly drawn I really cared what happened to them and interspersed with the story was the arrival of the Americans, who caused such a furore in that small Cornish town as D Day approaches, And when World War 2 grinds to a halt, people's lives are changed for ever. It was a real page turner with a very satisfying end.' - Anne Bennettt

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