Julia Llewellyn - The model wife

Julia Llewellyn - The model wife

Julia Llewellyn - The model wife


How to be A Model Wife

Your Husband's happiness is your happiness.

Should you be His second wife, make friends with His first wife otherwise she'll destroy you.

Never ask Him when He'll be home.

Never ask Him where He's been.


Twentysomething Poppy became a cliche when an accidental pregnancy presented her with a forty-nine year-old husband. But Luke Norton isn't any old husband - he's the anchorman for television's Seven O'Clock News and his ruggedly handsome face is beloved by the nation.

Life isn't coming up roses thanks to the first Mrs Norton's popular column, My Husband, The Bimbo and Me. Luke's having a midlife crisis and going AWOL, his former lovers are circling like sharks and Poppy's left holding the baby, her once glitzy modeling career a horribly dim memory.

It's time for her to fight back and show the world exactly what she's made of. 

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