Janis Reams Hudson - The last wilder


Janis Reams Hudson - The last wilder


No sooner had Dane Powell been elected Sheriff of Wyatt County, when a gang of cattle rustlers hit the Wilders' Flying Ace Ranch, right there in his county. What Dane has to figure out is, is the woman he catches traipsing through the brush in the middle of the night part of the gang. It's a fact that she lies through her teeth every time she opens her mouth, from giving him a false name, to making up a story about looking for night-blooming cactus. Ha! All he knows is that he isn't letting her out of his sight until he gets the answers he needs. Not that she can get very far, since she fell down an embankment and seriously sprained her ankle when he shined his flashlight in her face. He doesn't have time to look after her. He has rustlers to catch. But he can't lock her up--just can't make himself put her in a cell--and she goes crazy every time he mentions taking her out to the Flying Ace, where the bad guys can't find her. Her reaction troubles him. The Wilders are some of the most well respected ranchers in the state of Wyoming, and beyond. But this woman wants no part of them. Acts like she's afraid of them.

He's got that part right, thinks Stacey, who chooses to remain anonymous. She doesn't know why she let her grandmother talk her into this mess in the first place, but she has sworn to the woman that she won't reveal her name, what she was really doing out on the Flying Ace in the middle of the night, or have anything to do with the Wilders, all while doing a favor for her grandmother. What a mess.

Then Dane, being a lawman, learns her real name, but that doesn't tell him anything. All he knows is that he wants to kiss her, and she can't seen to keep from staring at his lips. What's a man to do?

When the cattle rustlers learn someone may have seen them, they come after Stacey. Now Dane must protect her while chasing the bad guys. The last time he had to protect a witness, he got her killed. He can't do that again. The safest place for her is at the Flying Ace headquarters.

When the Wilders learn her secret, and what she was doing on their property, Stacey expects condemnation. Instead, she is welcomed with open arms. And soon, so is Dane. They are both floored.

Now, will they welcome each other?

"Janis Reams Hudson's THE LAST WILDER has a great sense of humor beginning with Stacey and Dane's calamitous first encounter and winding up when quips fly fast and furious at a family gathering of all the Wilders of Wyatt County." 4 Stars —Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine

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