Maeve Binchy - Firefly Summer

Maeve Binchy - Firefly Summer

Maeve Binchy - Firefly Summer


'Wonderfully warm and involving' KATIE FFORDE

'If any author can help you survive lockdown, it's Binchy' DAILY MAIL

'Firefly Summer is warm, humorous, sad and happy. Reading it is a joy' IRISH INDEPENDENT

'I find myself yearning for the rain-soaked watercolour writing of Maeve Binchy' JENNY COLGAN, GUARDIAN Best Comfort Reads

'Binchy's novels are never less than entertaining' SUNDAY TIMES

'What better books to raise the spirits than the gentle, insightful Irish tales of Maeve Binchy?' HELLO! Magazine

Every summer the four Ryan children play in the ruins of Fernscourt, the once-grand house on the bank of the river.

But when the estate is bought by Patrick O'Neill, the wealthy Irish American, his grand plans for its development threaten to shatter the peace. A new luxury hotel promises to breathe new life into the village, and yet it could also spell disaster for the Ryan family.

And as old values and traditions begin to crumble away, no-one - not even Patrick - can predict what his big dreams will do to the heart of their quiet village.

Readers love Firefly Summer ...

***** 'Maeve Binchy never disappoints. I loved this book.'
***** 'Date I finished this book is impossible to say, as I've read it so many times.'
***** 'I loved this book! Such a great story!'
***** 'Firefly Summer keeps readers engaged with the quotidian but never dull lives of Irish village life.'
***** 'This is what good fiction does, gives you a story, draws you in, and won't let go and Binchy is at the height of her powers with this novel.'

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